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First Fruits 365-Day Devotional – Limited Half-Price Sale of $10!

For those of you who have a copy of First Fruits, you know that my purpose for writing First Fruits was and is to help individuals understand God’s Word and ENCOURAGE them to develop a love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through much prayer over the last several months about getting First Fruits “out of the dark and into the light” (from storage facility to the hands of God’s people)—the catalyst was a refreshing story I was told this morning (below). I want to offer all who read this Facebook post a copy of First Fruits for $10 (normally $24.99). Each copy will be signed by me! 😊 This sale will extend to the end of October 2017, as long as printed copies remain available. Shipping charges will apply at a discounted rate of $3 per book (U.S.).

Ordering can be accomplished two ways:

  • Order online at susanbutlerlive.com. You may order the number of books you want and pay by debit/credit card. Shipping charges will be added if you prefer to have them shipped.
  • You may also use Facebook private message to send me your name, address, phone and number of books you want to order. When I receive the order, and If you are in the DFW area, you are welcome to pick them up from me in Frisco to avoid shipping. Payment can be made at time of pickup (cash, check or credit card).

First Fruits is 480 pages in length, with a short explanation of each day’s scripture, written in the first person of God.  In addition to the 365 days of scripture, the perpetual calendar devotional book is broken into 52 weekly precept categories introducing the topic for each week. For those times when you need a specific scripture to encourage/instruct/comfort you or those you love, First Fruits is a reference book to find that perfect message to meet the need of the moment.

Now, for today’s story … My sister, Bonnie Walker, lives in San Antonio and has been ministering to women in her church (Summit Christian Center) for over four years. Bonnie has been my strong advocate during the writing and distribution phases of First Fruits. She gives copies to every woman in the Bible studies she leads, one of whom shared her recent experience with the book.

Renee is a new member of a night-time women’s group which Bonnie leads. Her full-time job is driving for Uber. She explained that she keeps her copy of First Fruits in her vehicle so that she can read it between trips. One day recently, a woman she was Ubering began to speak aloud some scripture. Renee assumed the woman was reading her own Bible, until the woman began to exclaim that she loved the book and asked where she might get a copy. Renee told her there should be information on the back cover. When she saw the retail price of $24.99, she sounded disappointed and said she just couldn’t afford it.

That is when Renee, led by the Spirit, offered the woman her copy of First Fruits. She said the woman was overjoyed and kept thanking her. She said she had been praying for a devotional book, and that this was the answer to her prayer!

I was reminded of something similar which happened to me one day at the gym, when a man who was lifting weights nearby overheard my conversation with two women I had just met. I was signing copies of First Fruits for them, and he asked what we were talking about. I explained, and then ran back to my car for another copy—for he had been praying for just such a book for his wife! They had recently moved from Chicago and knew virtually no one.

The First Fruits gifts to these three strangers was a perfect example and reminder to me of the purpose of God’s assignment to write the book. It’s not about me—it’s about spreading His Light, the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and what He desires from each individual. There are people all around us who are just waiting for someone to care.

So, if you have friends and family who might like one for a gift—or you want to minister to those you meet with a Word from the Lord—get several copies of First Fruits at this very special rate. You may discover, as my sister and I have, that people are thirsty for a drink from the Savior.

God’s Best,

Susan Butler


Website: susanbutlerlive.com

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Susan Butler is a new writer who brings years of Bible study and practical Christian experience into focus with this very personal conversation between Almighty God and you! Growing up in a Bible-believing family in Shreveport, Louisiana, Susan has enjoyed a personal relationship with Christ since she was eight years old. She met C.J. Butler, her husband, while attending Louisiana College. They live in Frisco, Texas and have two grown children and two grandchildren. Susan developed her skills as an interior designer and owned her own business, Interpretations, Inc., for thirty years. She continued her education in design at The Art Institute in Houston and University of North Texas in Denton. In the midst of raising her family, she was drawn to church activities at Prestonwood Baptist, where she has been a member for over thirty years, participating in Bible fellowship, women’s Bible study, choir and various volunteer opportunities. God began preparing Susan for this journey when she was prompted to gather scriptures which were meaningful to her—not realizing at the time that there was purpose beyond the prompting. Her course was set in 2012 when she was impressed to use those verses to write a 365-day devotional book. She believes God led her to write from His perspective to share His heart in a very personal way using today’s vernacular. As she diligently sought the indwelling of the Holy Spirit during each writing session, her desire was that the short, focused messages would be the conduit to elicit a hunger in readers for a closer walk with The LORD.